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Phil Snowden

I've been in the health and fitness industry for well over 15 years now.  I've had the privilege of working with athletes representing GB, heart attack patients, amputees, clients with degenerative illnesses and chronic pains.  

I've worked across the globe with the highest of affluence and I've worked with most deprived in the UK. 

Phil Snowden

I've taught qualified personal trainers and people that want to become personal trainers. 
I delivered hundreds of seminars, and done a tonne of public speaking events and the one thing that've I found that connects all of these people is, they want to improve their confidence.

I now devote my skills to providing opportunities to men, that are goal driven, target orientated, focused, committed to improving themselves and being a better man, partner, parent.

Phil Snowden
Beyond the Ultimate: Ice Ultra. A 230km race across the arctic circle. 

At 13 I remember my mother having buy me 38" waist trousers and then having to have the the leg tailored, as they didn't make trousers wide enough for kids. That hurt.

At 15 I asked a girl at school to go out with me, but she said "errr, don't think so, you're a bit 'big' for me". That smashed my confidence. But it was the start of my fitness journey. From then on, everyday I ran to the local field, with a football and kicked it around then perimeter (so looked like I was training, rather than being a 'fat kid trying to lose weight'.

Two weeks after my 16th birthday, I joined the army and even on the first getting measurement for my uniform, my Corporal said "corrr, you are a fat fucker! Don't worry Snowden, we'll get that off". The military, always had a great way of boosting morale.I was determined to prove to myself and others my worth. I actually got really fast and really fit.

I became one of the fastest runners in British Forces Germany.

I left the Army in 2006, after serving in Iraq, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan, to pursue a career I knew I could make a difference to peoples lives. I knew I was made for something more - which is when I created the brand, META Evolution Gym. The rest, as they say, is history.

I've always wanted to push myself mentally and physically, to test my true potential and have always believed I can do more.  I've been satisfied what I have, as I know I can always learn more, achieve and just do more, do you ever feel like that too?

I'm still committed to growing myself, being best father and partner I can be and developing anyone I come into contact with. 

I totally believe everyone has potential and would never say to anyone that 'that's impossible'.  I want you to succeed.  I want you to feel proud of yourself.  I want to see your transformation, cross the finish line. Win the medals. I want you to inspire and help others too.

Now, I exclusively help men 35 years plus, to lose between 5-10kg of fat within 12 weeks and give them the tools and knowledge, to maintain a healthy-balanced lifestyle thereafter.  

Ready for an upgrade?

Here are some of my personal accolades, just for shits and gigs...

Phil Snowden Phil Snowden
Push/Pull my body weight (90kg) on a sled, for a marathon distance (46.2km), on a 20 metre astroturf track (+2500 lengths), over 60 hours without sleep. Watch the journey here

Phil Snowden
100 mile Ski Erg Challenge (In 17 hours).  Watch the journey here

Phil Snowden
12 hours on a Watt Bike.  Watch the journey here

Phil Snowden
24 hours on a Rower (I also completed 100 miles on each Concept2 machine, back-to-back, in 47 hours. Watch the journey here)

Phil Snowden
100 mile Borneo Ultra Marathon  (placed in the top 10 after 37 hours).  Watch the journey here

Phil Snowden
Everest Base Camp.  Watch the journey here

Phil Snowden
Various BJJ/Grappling/MMA competitions

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