Mens 1:1 Personal Training

Personal Training with my myself is a full hour all about you. In that one hour session, you can come in and switch off from work, family, stresses and get pointed in the right direction and get told what to do. You don't even have to think, I can do that for you. You come in, smash it in the gym and leave one step closer to your fat loss goals.

Over your journey, we'll focus on where you are now and where you want to be. You'll set realistic achievable goals, that get monitored every month and keep you on track. We also take measure of where you are on a monthly basis, taking note of body fat mass, lean mass, circumferences and progress pictures. All to keep you motivated and progressing.

Your training will be based around your ability. So the sessions will always be hard, as when you get fitter - faster - Stronger, we'll have to keep stepping up the intensity of the exercises.

You can expect to lose at 3kg of fat (approx 3% body fat) and anywhere between 8-13cm total body circumference per month, in the first three months - depending on your commitment. But as long as we can tidy up your nutrition and you can train x3 per week, these are the results you can achieve.

All 1:1 Personal Training sessions are run out of Ufit Club Street, Singapore. Sessions are sold as upfront packages of 12, 25 or 50 one hour sessions.

Please check out the incredible results some of the guys I've worked with before, have achieved here.

For more info, reach out at

Whatsapp: +65 8814 5641

Online men's accountability group 


What is The Pack?

This is my private hybrid coaching group & membership online platform, with the main focus being: each member reducing 10kg+ of fat mass, 2-3+ trouser sizes, 10 percent+ body fat and presenting an epic before and after transformation picture of yourself at the end.

Individually, you'll receive your training program, suited to your training environment that includes but is not exclusive to, body weight, gym, condo or studio. You will also receive your own remote nutrition coaching that delivers easy-to-follow methods on dropping fats, gaining muscle, increasing energy and will even help with mental focus.

In the group, we'll share challenges, ideas, support, motivation and most importantly, progress.

Not only is this group about fat loss, it is a closed networking/accountability group, where every member of The Pack can support each other in other spheres, such as business/career, marketing, sales, mindset, tech, systems, funnels, e-commerce, self development, health & fitness and all manner of innovative tactics for achieving success and developing you in your life and at work.

Every week you'll be expected to post your 3 commitments you will complete, that will progress you in your fat loss and business/career goal that week (this is the ownership part of it). The rest of The Pack will hold you accountability-everyone will be par to this, don't worry.

There is NO negativity or un-productive content allowed amongst the group!

How do you get in?

Easy! Just follow this link to apply for the group.  WARNING.  You must have a certain MEN:tality to join.  The Pack isn't for pussy's. There may be some harsh truths and tough barriers to overcome.

Everyone wins, kapeesh?

To secure your place for the next intake of The Pack (1st July 2020), simply purchase your deposit below or if you have any questions I can answer email

Are you ready?

Then let's go balls deep and commit!


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