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The world may seem like it’s going crazy out there and from personal experience, I feel like I’m going crazy indoors too. I’ve had to do self-isolation in my home and as much as the initial ‘chill and watch Netflix’ on the couch has its appeal, after day one, I felt stiff, lazy, fat and demotivated. The more I chilled out, the more I didn’t want to do anything. I couldn’t believe how quick idol-ness took over.

People, in general, love routine and this whole pandemic is a major disruption to our daily structure. Humans’ primordial motivator is purpose, and when’re sat home essentially waiting, out of control, we’re not achieving or moving towards our purpose.

This manual has been created to help you push through any barriers, albeit mental and physical, that you’re facing when at home. It’s also here to help you craft daily exercises including instructional videos and a variety of workouts, stay on track with prior fitness goals as well as nutritional advice.



With the increase in popularity of running, mainly due to it being only form of cardio we can get in at the moment.  I've put together a manual to help all level of runner, improve not only strength so that you can go harder and longer; but mainly to help the reduce the risk of injury.  

Inside there's very simple exercises and workouts, that you don't need equipment for, as well as access to my library of over 200+ body weight exercises.

Weight Training 

Pretty much everyyyy-one can benefit from doing some resistance training as part of their wellness routine. ‘Resistance training’ is basically weights training. For people new to weights, the whole ‘weights area’ in gyms can appear intimidating. The biggest barriers I hear from clients is avoiding weights are ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ and they don’t to:

1.  Want to hurt themselves 
2.  Don’t want to look silly

This manual won’t go though exercise instruction specifically, but it’s to help you choose a program, so that you can make the best use of your time in the gym.


Weight loss believe it or not, is super simple. You have tried complex macro nutrient timing, calorie counting, weighing food etc, but sometimes all you have to do, is strip right back to basics.

I’ve put together a basic guide for you to start the ball rolling. Just by implementing the simple strategies in this booklet, you can expect to notice an improvement in your physical appearance and performance, such as: day-to-day activities, weight loss, visible inches lost, looser fitting clothes, your energy levels and mental attention will have soared AND you’ll have a smug sense of personal achievement.

Kettlebell training 

This manual demonstrates the basic kettlebell exercises that are fundamental for advance training later on. 
With pictures, descriptions and video tutorial help you can use the exercises in the manuals to build your own workouts and routines.
The purchase of this manual also includes access to more exercises in the YouTube library to advance your training.

Virtual Personal Training 

Because of Lockdown/Circuit Breaker training has had to adapt, meaning it's possible to train in a small space, with minimal equipment and anywhere in the world and still have your Coach there with you.

It's not the most ideal by any means, but if it's a mean to keep to your routine despite disruption, then stay on track with your goals is easier than every.

- Business trips
- Vaccations/holidays 
- Lockdowns 
- Time

Whatever the barrier, we can still overcome it.  The only person stopping you now, is you.

To find more about our Virtual Personal Training click here 


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