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Chasing the weight loss unicorn

The best ways to lose fat for men

Eat less, increase the intensity of your training (or start doing some) and get more active during the day.  Tah-dahh.  That's it, that's all you have to do.  Thesicious I know-I'm sorry.  Of course it's not that easy.  We have a tonne of other commitments that stump our progress, our partner, kids, friends, weddings, holidays and work dos etc...The thing is, if we're serious about reaching our fat loss goals, we still have to plan around these 'obstacles'-that's life.   But it doesn't mean you can't achieve fat loss and doesn't mean you should start searching for the 'fat loss unicorn'...

Crocodile tears: Crying between 7pm-10pm

This one is completely new to me, but I got sent an article from a fellow 'fad'-loss detective. The story claimed that that "stress-induced tears remove many kinds of toxins from the body, and thus concluded that weeping is an excretory process that removes such substances that can build up during times of emotional stress".  I dug a little bit into this and there is a few 'news' sites where you can find out what the claims are.  But when I contacted one journalist directly, asking for a reference to the claimed study-I had no reply.  On one another site,  they quote 'Dr. Aaron Neufeld of Los Altos Optometric Group', who actually is a Optometrist and not really a weight loss specialist (I can only assume he was mis-quoted, as I can't believe a medical professional would put their name to such a claim, without solid research).  The third news site with the story, had a link to 'papers', but when I read through, there was no reference to fat loss or any relevance to fat loss at all.  But apparently if you want to give it a go, the best times to 'cry one out', is between 7pm and 10pm.   Let me know how you get on.  In fact don't contact me at all if you try this-idiot.

Fat freezing

The FDA (the Food & Drug Administration) cleared the marketing of the fat freezing method CoolSculpting in 2010 based on results of a study showing that six months after the treatment of love handles in 60 patients, the targeted fat was reduced by an average of 19 percent. Six-Months! Anything could've happened in that six months!
The procedure is from 35-60mins and non invasive, with 'visable' results to be seen after four weeks. I can't find much logical science behind it on the internet. But I did attempt to book myself into four different clinics in Singapore, only to be turned down by all of them, because I was male. Fat freezing must only work for gullible women then. Next...

Ab belts

I can't believe these are still around to be honest.  We see amazing sculpt torsos showing off the incredible benefits of using such devises, but where is the credible evidence?  One study did show an increase in measurable muscle strength and endurance, a reduction in trunk circumference and perceived improvement in tone and posture.  But a reduction of body fat...nahda.  Like doing just sit ups and 'plank' exercises to reduce belly fat (which Don't work), these are much the same.

Even the guy in the picture, has got his head in his hand in disbelief

Bariatric surgery

From the above diagrams you can the differences between a 'bypass' and 'band'.  The band is the cheapest option (approx $15000) with less surgery, easier reversibility and less to go wrong.  You'll be on liquids for a few weeks after the procedure and then you live a life of being able to eat smaller portions (what you need to do in healthy weight loss, without surgery anyway).
The 'Bypass' requires a bit more surgery, a bit more cash (approx $30.000) and a bit more time spent in the hospital.  Basically the procedure shrinks your stomach, so that you can't consume too much food  (a bit like healthy weight loss again really).  Patients, will lose weight (predominately from the wallet) and can go on to lead healthier lifestyles, but generally need vitamin and nutrient support.   Habits that often stick afterwards, are the regular consumption of junk food and alcohol 1. Because you can get away with it (from a weight loss perspective) and 2.  You can get pissed a lot quicker.

Gastric sleeving: Part of the stomach is removed and as well as the part that makes you feel hungry 
My opinion on the procedures are, ONLY-IN-EXTREME cases.  For a person looking to lose up 50kg, consider the healthier more beneficial alternatives, ie exercising more regularly, reducing portion sizes and eating better quality foods.  I understand there are whole host psychological issues that go with wanting surgery, but please-please-please, spend money on a good Personal Trainer and quality food first.

Best advice for fat loss for guys

Do any of these methods really work?  Honestly longterm, what do you think? I personally can't say for certain whether do or do not.  However, I do know for certain the safest, cheapest and healthiest way for men to lose weight is through a bit of hard work and some 'serious' goal setting.  In my experience, if you're only going to do one training session per week, and not change your self style, you ain't gunna see no progress.  Training x3 per week (for an hour at most, each session) and consciously making a effort with your nutrition, ie cutting down the stuff you know is 'bad' during the week and start cutting down on your portion sizes;  You can hit from 3kg+ (of fat) per month and still have a few drinks at the weekends.  Are there other strategies?  Absolutely, as everyone has different circumstances, influences, habits, food & exercise likes and dislikes aand that's where I'd love to help.

"It's not hocus-pocus that gets results.  It's focus"

Keep it real folks.


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