Tuesday, January 28, 2020

How do I get the body of a Personal Trainer?

Special thanks to Dan De Sanctis 

The question on every gym goers lips

You've probably read every article online, in fitness magazines and health columns on how to get a six pack.  Maybe you've spent loads on late night TV 'six minute ab' machines, or even tried fat melting treatments, like freezing, creams and even electrocution.
You may have even tried every supplement, from protein shakes to 'fat burning-grenade-exploding, metabolism boosting' pre/post workout pill and still not seen the abs.  Why-oh why, haven't I got a six pack yet?

What's the secret to a six pack?

Hard work and sensible work. Sacrifice and dedication to reaching and maintain the abs. There isn't a short cut I'm afraid, well unless you are a genetic freak. Then good for you.

How do I get a six pack?

Before you get all down hearted about your efforts, quickly reflect on where you are now:

  • How much does it mean to you to have a six pack?  
  • What are the benefits of having the six pack?  
  • How will your six pack benefit others around you?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice?  
  • What's the worst thing about not having a six pack?  
  • Will a six pack advance your career?  
  • Will having a six pack make you more popular?  
  • Will having a six pack get you a partner?  
  • Will having a six pack, make you your fortune?  
  • Will having a sick pack give you purpose in life?  
  • Will have having a six pack make you a better person, more charitable, or spiritually fulfilled?  

No? Well it's not worth it then.  Ha ha

But will having a six pack make you look cool AF, make you proud of yourself, give you a sense of achievement and make people green with envy? Yes of course, so go for it!  Who gives a shit, do it for you at the end of the day.

Can you get six pack abs from just cardio?

Yes, just look at a long distance runner with a six pack and only runs.  But it doesn't exclusively mean you need to do marathons.

Can you get Abs from just doing weights?

Yes.  Just look at the beefcake in the gym with a ripped abdomen, that swerves cardio like the corona virus.  But again, it doesn't exclusively mean you need to become a bodybuilder.

Do I need to do sit ups to get abs?

Nope.  Though to build abdominal muscle 'bulk' and size, then abdominal work will help with that.

Do I need to eat clean to get a six pack?

Technically no.  You just need to create an energy deficit i.e. reduce the calories (energy from food) going in, relative to the calories you expend (energy 'out' through exercise and movement).  

However, keep eating shit and see how motivated you feel to go the gym before or after work.
Look in the mirror and see if the spots on your face are taking the attention away from your torso.   And also, does that low calorie, low carb, zero taste heathy-organic 'oat-ien' bar satisfy you after 30 minutes of eating it, without craving for coffee as a 'pick-me-up'? 

In my opinion, you're probably better off eating as 'clean' as possible, as much of the time as possible, but allowing yourself treats and a bit of booze every now and then. (Caveat) If-ifff!, you put yourself into a big enough energy deficit that week and commit to the same the following week also.

Image: Thanks to Ironmag labs

The inside secret 

There is no secret to getting a six pack and it's not exclusive to Personal Trainers or athletes either.  It's just a lot easier for people in the fitness industry, as we pretty much live in the gym.  We have the knowledge.  We tend to practise what we preach.  We can train when we want. We're constantly active, walking the floor, passing weights to clients, taking classes and tidying up the gym etc.

We are pretty anti-social, as we have to be in bed early and up early for clients.
...We nap during the day.

We spend our money in other places, where people would spend on alcohol, drinking and eating out.

It's a lifestyle for us and we are our own advertisement.  We have to commit ourselves to our appearance.  So of course most of us are in good shape.

The pictures that are taken on social media, tend to be all smoke and mirrors.  Filtered, air brushed and 'App'd' (use of editing apps) to death.  The models are tensing hard, until they're about to pass out. They're tanned, shaved and know how to use downward lighting effectively.

Not to discredited good bodys, but there's a lot pot fitness professionals out there on some sort of 'special' supplement anyway.  If you want to go down that route, then do it safely.  At the end of the day, if you're not competing in any competition and it's purely for aesthetics, then I think go for it (although I would personally never recommend it).

Having a six pack isn't exclusive to personal trainers or athletes, but it's not all it's cracked up to be either.

So I ask yourself the 'spice girls question'...

'Tell me what you want, what you really-really want'

Zigga-zig-ahhh folks


Want a six pack?  Sorry I can't help.  Want a fit and healthy body, where you look great at work and are confident on the beach?  I can help with that and if you'd like to learn how, I'd love to have a chat.

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